renault design teams celebrate le corbusier with coupé C concept car
all images courtesy of renault design





design teams at renault regularly work on future looking topics unrelated to any of their consumer range of car models. the exercise helps them to explore new ways forward and brings the creative staff entertaining design sessions. 

renault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-02the front grille of the renault ‘concept c’



the teams decided to investigate the topic of french cultural objects, and through their research and studies, it led them back to the gold age of automobiles in the 1930s. the influence of le corbusier asserted itself as the obvious source of reflection, as a sort of conceptual prequel to the modern car. the idea of simplicity, visible and aesthetically assumed structure, geometric elegance and light guided the designers in the creation of the ‘coupé c’ concept car. renault revealed the car as part of an exhibition at villa savoye near paris.

renault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-03influenced by the architect’s modernist principles and theoriesrenault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-04the very long body profile  renault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-05the concept incorporates the lastest LED technologyrenault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-06the hood intrusions allow air into the engine  renault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-07the door hinges  renault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-08the upright door designrenault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-13the block frame structurerenault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-15‘coupe c’ 3D renderings renault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-16seat and interior renderingrenault-design-le-corbusier-coupe-c-concept-designboom-17prototype was shaped and finished by hand