renault eolab leads their carbon footprint minimizing technologies
images courtesy of denis meunier




the renault ‘eolab’ features 100 new, CO2 emission reducing technological developments that are designed to be introduced to their upcoming vehicles. the exemplary environmental car has an ultra-low fuel consumption of 1 liter/100km, which is equivalent to 22g of CO2/km. this is possible because of designers focusing on three main areas; minimizing weight, refining aerodynamics and using the zero exhalation permitting Z.E. hybrid technology. the results stay true to the company’s DNA as it takes greater steps towards their aim of producing affordable models with small carbon footprints.


a demonstration of the eolab’s environmental capabilities
videos courtesy of renault




the ‘eolab’, which will be produced in large numbers within the next 10 years, has zero-emission mobility for journeys less than 60km and at speeds of up to 120kph. these petrol economy figures are achieved by the use of extremely light materials like magnesium and aluminum, bringing the car’s mass down to just 400kg. its appearance is much more than just a styling exercise, as the shape was formed to slice through air efficiently. this is all a contribution to the french government’s new industrial plan that requires a maximum energy consumption of 2 liters/km. the fuel efficient automobile will display its sustainable technologies at the 2014 paris motor show.

‘eolab’ includes a very high number of technological advances


the side view of the vehicle


the car’s rear 3/4 view


the aerodynamic body has a sloping roof and a slender rear end


in the coming years, Z.E. hybrid technology will become complementary to all renaults







renault rises to the challenge of ultra-low fuel consumption