renault kadjar crossover car set for 2015 geneva motor show launch
images courtesy of renault




the renault ‘kadjar’ crossover car, the so called big brother of their 2014 ‘captur’ concept, enhances an attractive design that takes styling cues associated with SUVs, saloons and estates. the vehicle is the brand’s first c-segment crossover model and will receive its public launch at the 85th geneva motor show which starts on march 5th, 2015. displaying an unusual profile for the car’s market, the exterior form reflects dynamism, strength and adventure, thanks to its exuding front end, accentuating low roofline, and its muscular wings. its fluid, athletic body also evokes an emotional, sensuous feel that is strengthened because of its passionate flame red color.

the front end exudes an impression of strength




the combination of high-quality materials with precise, immaculate finishes, creates an interior environment that further resembles the automobile’s ardent characteristics. the dashboard’s horizontal lines emphasize the spacious width of the cabin and also has a pleasant texture thanks to its foam-backed construction. the comfort of the inside is further improved with the fixture of a 1.4 square meter glass sun roof, that adds to the balanced ambiance and brightness. stylish installments, such as the bold gear lever which is enhanced by glittering inlays, serve as a reminder of the ‘kadjar’ sporty nature.

its flowing, athletic silhouette is reinforced by the muscular form of its wings




this active aspect of the model is paramount as the exterior and interior stylings, aim to match the performance capabilities of the car, and its character that encourages adventure. with either four- or -two-wheel drive transmission, the crossover provides easy maneuverability, even in difficult conditions, be it in a town or on a rocky road. this is further improved thanks to its choice of three traction modes; auto, lock and 2WD, that allows the driver to select the ideal option for any given situation. together with its efficient engine that has low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the ‘kadjar’ is another bold step into the crossover market for renault.

the automobile is 4.45 meters long and 1.84 meters wide


the flame red body color evokes passion




the kadjar offers a smart, comfortable and carefully appointed interior


the expressive design of the gear lever reminds passengers and the driver of the model’s sport ability




it has easy maneuverability so is efficient at city or town life


the active design encourages adventures