rideon augmented reality goggles offer improved snow sports experience
images courtesy of rideon vision




the rideon ‘augmented reality goggles’ prototype enhances a transparent display to project AR layers and features as if they are in the distance in front of the user. the wearers can interact with data and the software handsfree, using just eye movements to control the interface, instead of governing a bulky wrist-piece with glove-covered fingers. the equipment enables skiers and snowboarders to communicate with friends around them or on facebook, using audio and video. they can also navigate their path, follow directions or set up location pins for meet-points. it enhances the mountain experience further by also offering game features, however the company are seeking to turn their AR technology into a reality on the market through their indiegogo campaign.


how augmented reality can enhance snow sports
videos courtesy of rideon vision





‘we wanted to find our locations on a ski resort map instantly, or to quickly contact each other when we’d get separated. we wanted to do these things without having to take our gloves off, or use our phones,’ said alon getz, CEO and cofounder, on why they created the goggles.

front 3/4 view of the goggles




‘what distinguishes rideon is our delivery of a true AR experience, derived from a see-through display that projects data onto the center of your field of view, not on the side,’  explained software engineer and cofounder, ori kotek.

close-up of the wearable technology


view through the transparent display



teaser video