autonomous concept by rinspeed adds drones to the driving experience
all images courtesy of rinspeed




driverless cars are a very popular topic in the automotive industry and rinspeed, a swiss automotive innovation lab, believe this new form of transportation will come from the very influential digital realm. to showcase the change, they developed the ‘etos’ concept vehicle that includes drones into the driving experience. they fitted the sporty hybrid concept with its own landing pad on the rear end where the drone could fetch a bouquet of flowers the driver ordered online and even deliver it directly. it could also take a video of the wild ride and stream it live to friends.

rinspeed-etos-autonomous-concept-designboom-02the landing pad designed for the drone




the interior adapts to the particular driving situation. in autonomous mode, the steering wheel folds and retracts completely into the dashboard. the two curved widescreen individually move closer to the occupants to provide a better provide the passengers with an infotainment experience, the rinspeed ‘etos’ uses the innovative ‘harman connected car’ technologies. just like a personal assistant, the system operates in a thinking and anticipatory manner.  

rinspeed-etos-autonomous-concept-designboom-03the adaptive interior layout