rinspeed reveals drone equipped etos autonomous concept before CES 2016
all images courtesy of rinspeed




after a preview images of the rinspeed ‘etos’, the swiss concept workshop has finally uncovered their major autonomous hybrid sports car before CES 2016. the team approached the topic of self-driving cars primarily from the perspective of the driver and the occupants. 


rinspeed ‘etos’ demonstration


rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-02the ‘etos’ is built around the BMW ‘i8’ chassis and drivetrain




the technical highlight in the interior of the ‘etos’ is the folding and retracting steering wheel from ZF TRW. this creates lots of space in front of the driver who can grab and read a book in comfort or can work in a relaxed atmosphere. the position of the two curved 21.5 inch HD widescreen monitors is individually adjustable to provide an even better view of the displayed contents.  

rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-03the concept features vertical door hinges




a matching fit is provided by the infotainment experience that harman connected car technologies adds in the vehicle. the system thinks along, anticipates needs and provides entertainment, connectivity and maximum safety. should it be necessary to enter a command, the ‘etos’ responds promptly to voice commands, gestures, touch input, controller or the push of a button. 

rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-04at the rear houses the DJI drone




a total of eight HD exterior cameras visually monitor the vehicle surroundings completely. this makes 180 degree panoramic views in front of the vehicle and behind possible, and provides virtual mirror with an expanded field of vision that has no blind spots. people and objects in the entire vehicle surroundings are detected and tracked automatically. if they represent an accident hazard, the driver receives an appropriate warning. 

rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-05the landing pad is outfitted with 12,000 LEDs




the concept is fitted with an on-board DJI drone complete with landing platform in the rear. a set of 12,000 individually controlled LEDs can transform the platform into an electronic message board or a visual dance floor. the drone itself is capable of providing some very useful services. for example, it can quickly pick up a bouquet of flowers ordered on the way home. 

rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-06the drone can be controlled remotely 




the seamless link to the traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights or traffic management systems and to other cars, lets drivers and the vehicle look far beyond their own horizon. the ‘e-horizon’ provides safety and convenience features such as precise warnings of wrong-way drivers or simply gliding along smoothly in sync with the phased traffic lights. 

rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-07the concept connects to the traffic infrastructure 




the rinspeed ‘etos’ is styled on the technical basis of the BMWi8’. to make the car as light as possible, corning manufactures the glass roof and the ‘drone pad’ from especially strong, lightweight and thin gorilla glass, the same kind used in smartphones. the aluminum front structure and the carbon fiber passenger cell are joined together with ultra-high modulus adhesive.

rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-08the ‘etos’ is has eight HD exterior cameras




rinspeed and their partners wanted to demonstrate what is possible in the area of connectivity today and tomorrow. ‘the digital world will provide the major and above all the disruptive innovations in automotive engineering,’  describes frank m. rinderknecht CEO of rinspeedthat is why nowadays all major car manufacturers and suppliers are present at the CES consumer electronics show.’

rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-09the charging station  rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-10gorilla glass is used to strength the structure rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-11the rear LED lightsrinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-12NFC connectivity allows the car to pay for parking automatically rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-13the interior cabin in drive mode rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-14in an autonomous setting, the steering wheel retracts rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-15the harman infotainment center console rinspeed-etos-concept-car-demonstration-designboom-16the drone would be capable of running errands during a commute