whaletone updates their sculptural pianos with latest in sound processing
all images courtesy of whaletone




since its unveiling in 2011, whaletone pianos by polish designer robert majkut have been seen as a artistic sculpture for diehard musical instrument design fans. to stay current with the technological times, the company has introduced the ‘royal digital’ with a flagship sound processor that can replicated the best sound of an acoustic grand piano, as well as a list of more than 500 various high quality sounds built-in. 


the whaletone ‘royal digital’




the processor generates an authentic sound of a string grand piano which is available in three types of sounds, 30 selectable variations as well as 10 sounds of electric pianos in 15 variations, all of which are based upon the ‘super natural technology’.

cover is electrically lifted with a touch of a button




the entire piano is controlled by a full sized keyboard with fully balanced escapement which imitates the hammering effect of the classical grand piano. the whaletone ‘royal digital’ is equipped with an internal, three-channel noiseless amplifier of the power of 340 to more than 1,300 W – depending on the channel. 





under the electrically lifted cover, clear sound speakers from the danish company scan speak build a dynamic and precisely composed sound scene full of low tones and also high ones precisely synced. the whole system uses five speakers to create an effective three-dimensionality and location of individual sounds.

inside, the piano is outfitted with five speakers 

digital controls are right above the keys 

the full sized speaker 

speakers are from a danish company called scan speak 

the engraved plaque inside