listen to your vinyl on the go with rocket and wink’s portable player
all images courtesy of rocket and wink





somehow rocket and wink have managed to combine two niche industries to create for something music lovers never even thought they needed – a portable vinyl player. the ‘rawman 3000’ produces a rich sound that can be compared to elaborate and sophisticated component stereo record player system, yet is so small that listeners can take it anywhere they go. it comes with a stereo headphones, USB port, smart card, an antenna for bluetooth connectivity and nifty carrying strap. rocket and wink have made three sizes – seven inch, ten inch and twelve inch versions.

rocket-and-wink-rawman-3000-portable-vinyl-player-designboom-02two players in both yellow and blue


rocket-and-wink-rawman-3000-portable-vinyl-player-designboom-03the smallest comes in red


rocket-and-wink-rawman-3000-portable-vinyl-player-designboom-04is able to be plugged into desktop speakers


rocket-and-wink-rawman-3000-portable-vinyl-player-designboom-05vinyl sits inside a vertical groove


rocket-and-wink-rawman-3000-portable-vinyl-player-designboom-06buttons on top control the music


rocket-and-wink-rawman-3000-portable-vinyl-player-designboom-07the back panel is adapted for a strap