roli changes the idea of what musical keys should be like
all images courtesy of roli





roli, a music instruments company announced the ‘seaboard rise’ –  a universally accessible MIDI controller that empowers musicians to do more with a programmable keyboard. the controller builds on the technologies of the ‘seaboard grand’ that features patented interface technology, which remodels the keyboard as a pressure sensitive continuous surface that responds to even the sensitive gestures. playing on its special ‘key waves’, musicians shape notes with expressiveness, modulating the character of sound in real time with movements of the finger.  


video courtesy of roli



the roli ‘seaboard rise’ performs wirelessly with an integrated battery and bluetooth, and comes with ‘equator’, the company’s custom built software. the synthesizer is designed exclusively for all five primary dimensions of touch and gestural control. ‘finally musicians have at their fingertips an affordable and accessible tool that lets them create authentic instrumental simulations in real time,’  explains roland lamb roli’s CEO and inventor of the ‘seaboard’. ‘c​ombined with its strengths in creating fresh new sound interactions, the seaboard rise is truly a breakthrough for both musical performance and production.’

roli-seaboard-rise-midi-controller-designboom-02customize sensitivity to match anyone’s own playing style


roli-seaboard-rise-midi-controller-designboom-03create sonic possiblities by mapping sound parameters to unique gestures


roli-seaboard-rise-midi-controller-designboom-04wireless connectivity enables clean work space 


roli-seaboard-rise-midi-controller-designboom-05‘equator’  synthesizer software is designed exclusively for all five primary dimensions of touch and gestural control


roli-seaboard-rise-midi-controller-designboom-06comes with a protective carrying case


roli-seaboard-rise-midi-controller-designboom-07one inch thick design puts it within reach of beginners as well as studio professionals