rolls royce introduces virtual butler with their ‘vision next 100’ concept




as a continuation of BMW’s 100 birthday celebration, british luxury subsidiary rolls royce has visualized the future of their prestigious 112-year marquee, with the ‘vision next 100’ concept. as well as witnessing the exclusive unveiling of the grand car, designboom was present at the event in london, where MINI’s answer to the future of mobility was also revealed.





over the next decades, the company plans to offer virtually unlimited scopes of personalization, which will become even more extensive, with customers being able to commission a genuine one-off piece. in terms of technological advancement, the concept is based on an advanced lightweight platform equipped with a zero-emissions electric drive system. from the wheelbase to the design of the body, its various specifications and equipment can be tailored specifically to suit the needs of the individual customer.

the rolls-royce concept was unveiled at the roundhouse in london, on june 16th
image © designboom


rolls royce ‘vision next 100’ concept with split gull-wing doors




the design team expects that further progress in composite materials will have a decisive influence on how production can be customized in the future. the ‘vision next 100’ concept is controlled by a virtual intelligence called ‘eleanor thornton’ (named after the model who influenced sculptor charles robert sykes’ bonnet ornament), which fulfills the passenger’s every need. the system appears on the full-width transparent OLED display and spends every minute with the passengers, learning more about their interests and needs. using speech interaction, passengers can call upon her services to tailor their journey as desired. 

side storage for luggage needs




at 5.9 meters in length, the coupé-style concept features free-standing wheel arches on either side of the classic rolls-royce radiator grille. in creating the interior, the designers opted for a clear-cut hierarchy of lines, as well as sustainable, authentic materials and subtle lighting. these combine to create an ideal atmosphere in which to relax. wood and hand-twisted silk fill the space and are surrounded by panorama windows, becoming a personal retreat.

the traditional rolls royce front radiator




by being fully-autonomous, the human chauffeur has been retired, creating vast, new interior design opportunities for rolls-royce. to begin with, the removal of the standard driver seating, instruments and machinery enables the passengers an unopposed view of the ‘grand journey’. this then led to the further enhancement of luxury for the interior.

a close up of ‘eleanor’ and the iconic radiator
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‘with the rolls-royce vision next 100 we were very mindful not to dwell on the past,’ explains giles taylor, design director. ‘we wanted to be as innovative as possible and at the same time transcend the design history of the marque.’ be sure to checkout the pair of other concepts announced for the ‘vision next 100’ by BMW and mini.

the concept includes wheel covers

at the rolls royce factory 

the interior layout 

the wide-screen OLED display 

a closer look at the luggage storage 


offering a new and much more luxurious grand journey was a focus for the design team
image © designboom


the rear details