rossignol and PIQ launch ski wearable that tracks 13 different axis simultaneously
all images courtesy of rossignol





sports equipment company rossignol partners with wearable specialists PIQ, to create an advanced wearable sensor and platform for skiing. it slips into the strap compatible with any ski boot and allows skiers to have access in real time to their performances. a companion app has been developed for turns and freestyle, and gives details such as – edge to edge speed, g-forces, carving angles, air time and rotations. at the end of the run, it highlights the best performances and allows skiers to challenge themselves and others. 


PIQ sensor in action
video courtesy of rossignol



‘we are very enthusiastic to work with PIQ and reveal our connected offer for skiing,’ says marketing and business development VP at rossignol, sylvain noailly. ‘we share common values such as authenticity, commitment, and a wish that all skiers will be able to fully live their passion. our connected solution is the most advanced one and will allow any skier to feel like a hero and share it.’  

rossignol-PIQ-ski-wearable-tracker-designboom-02the sensor module




PIQ integrates the laster sensor technology NFC, bluetooth connectivity and cutting edge micro processing technology. it incorporates 13 axis and accurately measures performance metrics such as velocity, height, and trajectory. it has been designed to be positioned in the ideal place for data collection whatever the sport is. PIQ is a small, lightweight, waterproof and flexible sensor that connects to any smartphone via bluetooth. 

rossignol-PIQ-ski-wearable-tracker-designboom-03it collects data throughout the day 




‘we are proud to work with rossignol which has Innovation and the quest for performance in their DNA,’ explains cedric mangaud, co-founder and president of PIQ. ‘with their unique expertise in skiing and our significant platform knowledge, we will enhance the skiing practice. as of today, we cannot imagine running without connected objects or app, it will be the same in a few years time for skiing.’


with the app, a skier can challenge his or her nearby friends. after any run or ski jump, a user will get their PIQ score and will be able to share it. the score is a skiing reference and measuring unit that will enable the global community to challenge each other.

rossignol-PIQ-ski-wearable-tracker-designboom-04the ski wearable allows riders to analyzes the g-forces  rossignol-PIQ-ski-wearable-tracker-designboom-05the sensor tracks turning angles  rossignol-PIQ-ski-wearable-tracker-designboom-06it offers 13 axis detection for spins in the air  rossignol-PIQ-ski-wearable-tracker-designboom-07the sensor packaging