tel aviv based tech firm particula has modernized the most popular puzzle in the world, evolving the rubik’s cube into the GoCube. the new take of the classic puzzle sees depth integrated into the game, adding both a social and digital aspect.
rubiks cube gocube
GoCube has smart sensors and an embedded IMU to track and measure the movements you make
all images, gifs and videos courtesy of particula



GoCube is a 3D speed-cube and incorporates digital aspects with the cube itself, being equipped with sensors that track and then measure the activity and position of the cube. additionally there is an app that allows the sensors to relay the information they gather while formulating a real-time display of the cube and the movements you make. the sensors communicate the measurements such as ‘turns per second, number of moves, time to completion, and more.’ the system is also capable of tracking and recording ‘the cube’s exact movements and history,’ that allows users ‘to monitor their performances, strengths and weaknesses’ as a way to identify a route to bettering their game. rubix-gocube-particul
there are light indicators that will illuminate your GoCube



particula also installed a very social aspect to the game through a variety of game modes (one similar to guitar hero), leaderboard scores and live competitions. using GoCube, players are able to match with other users at the same level while also using the information via sensors to identify the fairness of the starting point for each user.
rubiks cube gocube
the GoCube is multi-dimensional with learning, improving, battling and playing capabilities



GoCube is already a phenomena having achieved nearly us $715,000 as of 08/01/18 of a US $25,000 goal on kickstarter; 28.6x more than the target about. however, it also provides a glimpse into what the future of board games and other puzzles could look like as a modern approach is necessary in an increasingly social and digital world.
the GoCube has a lower power use making it energy efficient rubix-gocube-particul
on the GoCube app, the sensors will illustrate real time movements and time you refit and revamped: the rubik's cube gets a full tech reboot
one social aspect of the GoCube is seeing how your friends, family and participants around the world performrubiks cube gocube
real time data will be accessible for you to analyze how to better your gamerubix-gocube-particul
compete against others on 1v1 battles 

rubiks cube gocube
the application will also attempt to teach you tips and tricks about one of the hardest puzzles in the world
rubiks cube gocube
there are multiple packages still available to purchase the GoCube set to be shipped in march to may 2019