the ‘rukus’ solar-powered portable bluetooth speaker system

rukus solar‘ is a solar-powered sound system, connecting via bluetooth (or auxiliary cable) to smartphones, computers, and music players. on the device, two speakers bookend a built-in carrying handle, whose front panel includes music controls and a monocrystal solar grid. its control panel utilizes e-ink for improved visibility in sunlight and lower power usage.

the battery lasts for 8 hours, attaining a full charge in six hours in direct sunlight. the system can also be connected to electricity via a built-in AC adapter. ‘rukus solar’ also contains a USB port for the charging of mobile devices.

produced in green, black, and white, the bluetooth solar-powered speaker has just been made publicly available, for a cost of 150 USD (non-solar-powered model at 100 USD).

rukus solar powered bluetooth speaker side view

rukus solar powered bluetooth speaker a USB port (plus mesh pouch or elastic strap) permits charging of mobile devices on the go

video walk-through of the features of ‘rukus solar’