housed inside packaging that looks deceptively like an energy drink, the solarcan pinhole camera is capable of far more than a caffeine boost. the quirky looking can is designed to produce extreme time exposure photographs that capture the sun’s movement through the sky over many months, following it as it rises and falls in tune with the earth’s orbit. founded by photographer sam cornwell from a love of art and astronomy, solarcan sets out to take to the market as the world’s first mass-produced solargraphy camera.

the quirky solarcan pinhole camera houses a sheet of photographic paper



to use the can-mera, all you need to is set up the solarcan on a sturdy windowsill or post that faces the sun—the pack even includes cable ties for such purposes. once in place, all that’s left to do is peel off the black tab that’s stuck over the pinhole, to expose a sheet of 5X7” high grade ilford pearl photographic paper that’s already set in place inside the can. once light starts to pass through, over time the path the sun is taking through the sky will gradually take shape on the paper. after several months, all you need to is open the top of the can with a standard tin opener, take a digital photo of the paper inside, invert the colors and you’re left with a scientifically accurate, artistic tracing of the sun’s movement.

the solarcan will be the world’s first mass produced solargraphic camera



the solarcan’s design is based on on the humble drinks can, repurposing the aluminium container which just happens to be the perfect fit for a 5X7” sheet of photographic paper. the eye-catching design is complete with a set of instructions inscribed where the ingredients would usually be found. each of the first 1000 solar cans to be produced will be numbered individually on their base, making it quite the new toy for camera collectors. in the future, cornwell aims to start selling the product in science museums, to teach children and adults alike about the science behind both photography and astronomy.

inside the fun-looking can is a 5X7″ sheet of ilford photo paper

the solarcan comes with cable ties to attach to a post in full sunlight

the solarcan tracks the sun as it moves in tune with the earth’s orbit

the artistic photos appeal to both photograpers and astrologers

the eye-catching design was born from a love for repurposing household items

where nutrition information would normally be found, detailed tips to use the solarcan are written

the pinhole has been precision drilled for accurate images

the first 1000 solar cans will each be marked with a production number