samsung looks to facilitate real-time concussion stats with connective sports headband
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samsung looks to facilitate research aimed at high risk concussion circumstances with a wearable device called the ‘brainBAND’. neuroscientist dr. alan pearce teams up with industrial designer braden wilson to create a wearable prototype that can track impacts to the head in contact sports in real-time, with the aim to use this data to better understand concussions and the ongoing impact on the brain. 


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a specially designed headband houses sensors at the back of the head that measure the force of an impact and relays real-time all the information via an app to medics, referees and coaches. a series of LED lights indicate the level of impact of a hit: yellow, orange and red for high alert, meaning a player should be taken off the field for assessment. 

samsung’s ‘brainBAND’ connects directly to personnel on the field in real-time




‘we had a number of design challenges for this project,’ explains designer braden wilson. ‘our initial target audience, footballers, are generally not early adopters so we needed to create something that wouldn’t be seen as a gimmick or a sign of weakness. we had to create a wearable that was seen as a crown, not a bandage, something that would be worn with pride would be seen as a symbol of strength. the headband form is a design language already understood and accepted in rugby and contact sport so it seemed like a logical form to adopt to house the technology. it also addressed the functional need to hold the tech pack securely to the head to ensure accurate sensor readings.’

rugby player israel folau with the samsung ‘brainBAND’




the prototype has been developed through samsung’s ‘launching people’ program – an initiative that beings together experts from different backgrounds to demonstrate how technology can investigate and help solve real challenges facing society. 

an entire team can be outfitted with the band to ensure thorough concussion detection  samsung-brainBAND-concussion-detector-designboom-05
fitted according to the size of the athlete, the ‘brainBAND’ stays secure during a hitsamsung-brainBAND-concussion-detector-designboom-06
LEDs change color depending on the impact