samsung galaxy S4 scrolls with your eyesimage courtesy samsung



boasting a larger screen and battery than it’s predecessor, samsung has introduced their latest smartphone – the galaxy S4. housed in a slim 7.9mm chassis, the device features a high-resolution 5-inch AMOLED display rendering at 441 PPI. powered by the android 4.2.2 jelly bean operating system, the ‘galaxy S4’ provides 2GB of RAM ( expandable up to 64GB) and a 1.6GHz eight-core processor for a fluid and quick browsing experience. the main camera integrates a 13.3 megapixel sensor with f/2.2 aperture and 2 megapixels for the front facing lens – working seamlessly with the new ‘dual video call mode’ feature that allows users to simultaneously chat with full use of both cameras. one of the most impressing technologies however, is the new ‘smart pause / smart scroll’ – which automatically scrolls up or down a website or email by mapping where your eyes are looking. using eye-tracking, the device can also pause video whenever it detects you look away.



samsung galaxy S4 scrolls with your eyes

pages automatically scroll up or down using eye-trackingimage courtesy samsung



samsung galaxy S4 scrolls with your eyes

samsung galaxy S4 product viewimage courtesy samsung



samsung galaxy S4 introduction videovideo courtesy samsungmobile