samsung’s latest fitness wearables let users leave their smartphones at home
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samsung continues its expansion in the fitness wearable market with two fresh additions – ‘gear fit2’ and ‘gear iconX’. each is designed for fitness needs, and includes features such as precise tracking technology and a standalone music player to provide users with the optimal fitness experience.


video courtesy of samsung


samsung’s ‘gear iconX’ in different colors




the ‘gear iconX’ are cord-free earbuds that can track fitness information and provide users with feedback on their running performance. with three different sizes they offer a lightweight, secure and comfortable fit and can be activated by simply placing the earbuds in the user’s ears. they also enable tracking of fitness data such as distance, speed, duration, heart rate and calories burned. 

the charging case for the wireless earbuds




with basic a touch interface, they also include a voice guide that provides instant voice feedback on the user’s workout progress and provides a standalone music listening experience with 4GB of memory. ‘gear iconx’ connects via bluetooth where users can simply tap or swipe the earbuds to easily control the music.

available in three different sizes for a secure fit




the ‘gear fit2’ includes an embedded GPS and a heart rate monitor that offer accurate and robust tracking and measurement, while providing feedback on the user’s workout. a AMOLED curved display provides a high-resolution touchscreen for easy monitoring for responding to notifications. the standalone music player enables users to actively workout without the need of a mobile device. 


video courtesy of samsung


the samsung ‘gear fit2’

the wearables in three colors

with built-in GPS, the ‘gear fit2’ doesn’t require a smartphone 

the curved AMOLED screen 

the heart-rate monitor at the back