samsung gear S2 untethers itself from the smartphone 
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the latest smartwatch from samsung electronics has been announced with an intuitive circular design, custom UX and advanced features that enable users to enhance, personalize and bring an added dimension to the mobile experience. the samsung ‘gear S2’ has a rotating bezel, along with the home and back buttons, that ensure users will have a quicker, more precise method to comfortably access notifications and applications. the smartwatch will come in two different options – the ‘gear S2’ and the ‘gear S2 classic’, to apple to a variety of distinct consumer preferences. 


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‘for the past several years, Samsung has pioneered and advanced the wearables category, bringing brave new concepts to the smart wearables market,’ explains jk shin, CEO and head of samsung’s IT and mobile business. ‘the samsung gear S2 reflects samsung’s most progressive innovation. it is the perfect complement for any occasion, easily taking you from day to night, from work to workout—and ensuring that you get more out of every moment in your day, by making it smarter and ultimately more personal and fun.’

samsung-electronics-gear-s2-designboom-02the ‘gear S2 classic’ 




at 11.4 mm thin with 1.2 inch, 360 x 360 resolution circular screen brings a light and compact design on the wrist. it also includes the latest ‘tizen OS’ and an optimized 1 GHz dual core processor, where the ‘gear S2’ can perform tasks easily and efficiently. users can stay connected with notifications, and can choose to have 3G connectivity which incorporates an e-SIM with voice capability, to perform quick functions without being closely tethered to their phone. 

samsung-electronics-gear-s2-designboom-03the back plate enables wireless charging




all of these features will be supported by a battery that can last up to three days, allowing consumers to stay connected without the hassle of constantly having to recharge. but if does come to that, it can be charged by placing the smartphone on the wireless charging dock right out of the box. the samsung ‘gear S2’ will be available in dar gray case with a dark cray band and silver case with a white band, and the ‘gear S2 classic’ will be available in a black case with a leather band.  

samsung-electronics-gear-s2-designboom-04the silver case ‘gear S2’ 


samsung-electronics-gear-s2-designboom-05the home and back buttons on the side


samsung-electronics-gear-s2-designboom-06the smartwatches will come in different two models


samsung-electronics-gear-s2-designboom-07with built in e-SIM, the watch can be untethered from the phone