samsung level over headphones use hybrid noise cancellation technology
images courtesy of samsung




offering both wired and wireless, the samsung ‘level over’ headphones generate a premium sound quality whilst enabling user freedom. the studio definition music is delivered clearly from the 50mm dynamic drivers thanks to its active noise cancellation technology. this hybrid system works on the over-ear headphone’s inside and with a mic on the outside that picks up sounds to block. this lets the wearer enjoy crystal clear tunes from their galaxy smartphones, tablets, 3.0 bluetooth or 3.5mm connectivity devices.


demonstration of the level over touch controls
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made from high performance neodymium – which is 30% stronger than regular magnets – the free edge form incorporates a bio-cellulose diaphragm that prevents resonance between the vibration plate and the frame. this allows the user to play powerful bass at any volume, and with the built-in li-ion battery they can do so for up to 15 hours. the listening experience is further enhanced with the soft ear cushions and a padded headband that is intertwined with the lightly-tensioned structure.

the soft cushions maximize listening comfort




the headphones come in a carrying case, which also holds a data link cable, detachable audio cable with remote and airplane adapter



the active noise cancellation enables crisp sound clarity



poetic description of the level over features


the samsung headphones are available in either black or white