‘series 7’ monitor by samsung



samsung electronics has introduced three new desktop displays: the ‘smart station’ and ‘HDTV monitor’ comprising the ‘series 7’ and the ultra-high-resolution ‘series 9’ monitor. each of the devices emphasizes improved color calibration as well as multimodal, increased ease of networked streaming, capable of linking to any compatible android smartphone or tablet via new mobile high-definition link (MHL) technology.

the ‘series 7’ comprises the 24 or 27 -inch, ‘smart station’ with 1080-pixel screen resolution, as well as the 27-inch HDTV monitor. both devices featurean asymmetrical design formation with the adjustable screen attached only on the righthand side, thus seeming to hover above the base. both also include two USB 3.0 ports, and HDMI and VGA connectors, as well as built-in ‘smarthub’ technology, enabling the user to access downloadable applications and further connect with other digital devices in order to stream entertainment and web media. built-in 7W stereo speakers round out the hardware.

with a built-in TV tuner and integrated intel wireless display (wi-di), the ‘series 7 HDTV monitor’ can function as a picture-in-picture display, letting users simultaneously watch live television while continuing work or streaming online media.



samsung monitors series 7 and 9 detailed view of series 7



samsung monitors series 7 and 9 ‘series 9’



featuring a 27-inch monitor, the ‘series 9’ allows the user to complete photo and video editing as well as graphic design without needing to prioritize their limited screen space. the series boasts a quad high-definition resolution of 2560 x 1440 making the ‘9 series’ collection four times higher than that of previous conventional HD monitors. the company’s ‘natural color expert’ technology in conjunction with plane line switching (PLS) panels together offer higher resolution, increased brightness, and improved image fidelity, featuring one billion colors.

all internal components are located in the device’s base, which also features a USB hub and all other input ports.



samsung monitors series 7 and 9 back view of series 9



both on exhibition at CES 2012 and available in march 2012, the samsung ‘series 9’ is anticipated to cost 1200 USD and the ‘series 7 smart station’ starting at 550 USD and ‘series seven HDTV monitor’ at 600 USD.