samsung NX10 image courtesy of business wire



at this year’s international consumer electronics show in las vegas, samsung presented the newest addition to their NX series of digital cameras, the samsung NX 10. the camera offers 14.6 megapixels and an APS-C size CMOS sensor with mirrorless interchangeable lens, delivering high-quality images and rich, natural color. its lightweight and ergonomic design make it ideal to carry around for everyday use, but still packs in powerful features like high definition video recording and an AF function for fast action shots, with the heart of a DSLR embedded inside its compact frame.

a large 3.0” amoled screen, makes it easy to view images, even in bright sunlight or at acute viewing angles. the screen also provides a 10,000 times faster response rate than conventional LCDs, with far lower power consumption.

other features include in-depth manual controls and smart auto function, which automatically detects the surrounding environment and best shooting mode. its smart range features also enable the user to vividly express both bright areas and dark areas in the same frame. a supersonic dust reduction system keeps those dust particles clear of the sensor which can often impair an image.



samsung NX10 camera back view and functions image courtesy of business wire


samsung NX10 camera l: top view r: bottom view image courtesy of samsung



samsung NX10 camera the camera has a 3.0” amoled screen image courtesy of samsung