after unveiling some new adverts last week criticising the speed of the iphone X, samsung has expanded upon its ‘ingenius’ campaign, with three new videos mocking apple and the apparent downfalls when it comes to the iPhone X. titled dongle, fast charger, and camera, each advert depicts an apple store employee having a conversation with a customer, attempting to justify the iPhone compared to the galaxy S9.

samsung ingeniously mocks apple's iPhone X in latest advertising campaign

samsung’s campaign is titled ingenius, seemingly mocking apple’s genius bar service



in the first ad, samsung mocks the need to use dongle’s with the iPhone X. the video shows a customer being told by an apple genius that he will need a dongle if he wants to use his headphones. the customer then inquires about charging at the same time and is told that he will need an additional dongle. the customer then says, ‘so, a double dongle.’


videos by samsung US



in the second advert, a customer asks if the iPhone X comes with a fast charger, like the galaxy S9 does. the employee says no, informing her that in order to fast charge she would need to purchase a lighting to USB-C cable, along with a USB-C power adapter.




finally, the third ad highlights the fact that the samsung galaxy S9 scored a higher DxOMark score than the iPhone X for its camera. the iPhone X scored 97 compared to the 99 bagged by samsung’s S9, although this way of evaluating the quality of the camera has been criticised.




samsung has repeatedly tried mocked apple and the iPhone, in its previous campaigns. last year it released an advert, titled ‘growing up‘, which highlighted the iphone’s various issues over the last decade including storage, breakage issues and long queues on release days.