clean up the computer desk with samsung’s wireless charging display
all images courtesy of samsung







korea electronics maker samsung brought two forthcoming technologies together, with ‘Qi’ wireless charging and top-of-the-line display design. the ‘SE370’ monitor consolidates multiple charging ports found in other displays with a circular wireless charging area integrated in the monitor’s stand. users simply need to place their device on the stand’s charging area to initiate automatic charging, which is confirmed by an LED light. 


this eliminates the hassle of having to purchase and keep separate charging kits, saving cost and improving workspace utilization. users also can continue working wile their mobile devices charge, helping them to enhance productivity and work task efficiency. the display experience is optimized with a 178 degree wide viewing angle, and a 4ms response time for smooth tracking for fast on screen action to prevent motion blur or ghosting. 




the samsung screen supports AMD ‘freesync’ technology that synchronizes the refresh rate with the frame rate of a user’s latest AMD graphics card to minimize input latency, as well as to reduce stutter and lag during gaming and video playback. for a decreased environmental impact, the monitor is constructed with any PVC plastics, features an ultra narrow bezel and semi transparent blue finish frame  accompanied by a glossy body on all four side for a clean minimalistic look.

video courtesy of samsung