the scewo electric wheelchair can climb stairs independently

the scewo electric wheelchair can climb stairs independently

scewo is a self-balancing wheelchair that can go up and down stairs independently and smoothly. this innovation offers its users a dynamic experience for navigating over obstacles, with multiple rubber tracks providing a smooth and safe ride on the stairs. 

the scewo electric wheelchair can climb stairs independently
all images by julius hatt / courtesy of scewo



with recent innovations in smartphone, automobile, drone, and even robotic vacuum cleaner technology, scewo was surprised to find the same electric wheelchairs from years ago on today’s market. the project was founded by four university students from ETH zurich + ZHDK, who managed to create and fund ‘scewo’ independently while building a wheelchair fit for the 21st century, with new technology and aesthetics.

scewo electric wheelchair climb stairs designboom



the ‘scewo’ wheelchair’s sturdy rubber tracks provide a safe and comfortable transition up or down stairs, while an extra-wide base stabilizes the chair, even on spiral stair cases. transfers onto the stairs and back to the floor are automated. the self-balancing chair also provides agile maneuvering and dynamic driving over common obstacles like curbs, while the user can either use the joystick or a shift in body weight to control the chair.

scewo electric wheelchair climb stairs designboom



the scewo electric wheelchair features three different driving modes depending on the terrain: ‘safe’ mode is used for getting on and off, getting to a table, or standing still; ‘elevated’ mode enables eye-to-eye communication and reaching high-lying objects; ‘track’ mode overcomes slippery surfaces like snow or gravel, trickier obstacles, or steep inclines with increased traction.

scewo electric wheelchair climb stairs designboom

scewo electric wheelchair climb stairs designboom

scewo electric wheelchair climb stairs designboom

scewo electric wheelchair climb stairs designboom

scewo electric wheelchair climb stairs designboom

the scewo electric wheelchair can climb stairs independently

  • I have an amazing friend who is in a wheelchair and she loves to get out and do things. How could I go about getting her a chair that goes up and down stairs. there are a lot of things she would go do if she could and I dont want her to not do things because her legs don’t work. Some how, I dont think that’s fair. Anyway, we both disabilities so out of pocket isn’t an option, but payments could be. Thanks.

    Jessica Iddings-Lowe
  • Hi!What a fantastic innovation!Huge congrats guys!I have a friend who is a retired and disabled cardiothoracic surgeon. He really needs something like Scewo.Have you got any idea when and how could he get it,pls?
    Many thanks,Judith

    Dr Judith A Boross
  • This is an wonderful idea, and we are eagerly waiting for this to hit the Australian Market.. Team, Do you guys know when this is gonna be commercially available?
    Thank you

    Joshua Occupational Therapist
  • I hate falling down stairs. Not being able to enjoy the snowfall alone gets old. It’d be nice to hike again or go to the beach. I don’t at all begrudge those who can afford one of these. I’m happy for them. MYbe, someday, I’ll be able to but why should I be angry when someone else’s life is made better? I’m not.

    Kathleen Jacobson
  • I saw this and cried for joy. Then, sadness. I can no longer navagate stairs safely and fall a lot. How I’d love to enjoy a snowfall without needing someone with me. “Hiking,” again would clear my soul of sorrow. I begrudge not one soul who is able to afford this. I’m happy for them. In the meantime I’ll do my best to make others smile.

    Kathleen Jacobson
  • Great New Invention: Convert basic push-wheelchair into a fully-fledged electronic mobilized wheelchair

    A local FRC team of high schoolers (global robotics competition by FIRST™), Steampunk1577 from Ra’anana Israel, developed a free 3d printable cheap kit which can be applied to any ordinary push-wheelchair and make it a fully fledged electronic wheelchair for about 1/5 the price and out of 3D printed parts and basic robotic components sold world-wide! The chair is still foldable and intact, meaning you can detach the kit and return the chair when you’re done.
    All the design, print 3d printable programs and software was made availble for free on the internet for everyone to use and improve.

    Below is an article containing a review and a video of the product.

    ziv dascalu
  • Hi my name is Heidi Burns Rourke
    For people in need my friend Dana rates would like to have this kinda wheel chair so he go to other people’s house with stairs for people I think should have fundraisers for people in need of a wheel chair especially this one and especially elderly who can’t walk

    Heidi Burns rourke
  • it very cool make easy than tired of happen before that use hand touch the wheelchair push up keep going and later got hurt hand between waist so badly pain never stop so hard so it not easy way out so now new technology this year 2017 finally new technology than old past anymore and now thank you for information so good in future .

    James Hooker
  • @JimCan. Your comments are unfair. Are you solving the clean water problem? If so, than this team doesn’t need to. If not, get started.

    This is even at a high price it is much more reasonable to invest in such wheelchairs than to rebuild million of entrances to buildings with three steps to make them universal accessable. Add to that the costs for sinking curbs everywhere. (As if curbs where created for no other reason than to make life hard for wheeled personal transport.) Such a technological solution as this brings us much closed to universal access than ramps and lifts all over the place. I content, it would be cheaper to buy every handicapped person such a wheel chair rather than eliminate steps everywhere, and it would be a better solution. I wish the team much success.

    That said, I’m not sure it needs to be selfbalancing.

    Robert Buss
  • At what price… do the unfortunate few come before the unfortunate many? Would the effort have not been better spent on helping with clean water? Like military designers, many companies making products like this rely on government funds, in this case, likely released by sympathy pressure in the first world.



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