french start up seabubbles is one step closer to seeing its fleet of water taxis in service following the successful testing of its hydrofoil prototype. back in 2018, the company tested its craft on a lake in geneva before conducting a five-week trial on the river seine. now, members of the public will be invited to board the seabubbles to enjoy a scenic tour of paris.



founded by alain thébault and windsurfer anders bringdal the r&d phases of seabubbles began in february 2017 after the creators raised €3.45 million for the project. the vehicle uses technology invented by thébault for his experimental sail-powered vessel called hydroptere, which first set sail in 1994.

zero-emission flying water taxis hit the waters of lake geneva seabubbles

images courtesy of seabubbles



the 4-person cabin slices silently through the waves with a pair of pseudo-wings, submerged at a 45-degree angle, lifting it after a few meters and reaching a speed of 11 to 15 km/h (6 to 8 kn). four skids reduces water drag by 40% and increases efficiency, allowing speeds of up to a potential 46 km/h (25 kn).

flying water taxis have lift-off in paris as 'seabubbles' launch testing phase



the seabubble is powered by two electrically driven propellers attached to the rear skids. the electric power is replenished at the landing stage by using a mixture of solar panels and turbines to charge the batteries.

flying water taxis have lift-off in paris as 'seabubbles' launch testing phase



as well as making trips quicker, seabubbles wants to offer an alternative to transport with low impact on the environment. according to the company, a water-route commute could cut travelling time in half in some cases, meanwhile the bubble, as it is dubbed, is 100% electric. the company aims to be in 50 cities within the next 5 years.

flying water taxis have lift-off in paris as 'seabubbles' launch testing phase



passengers in its most recent test phase will be able to experience the flying taxis until the 20th of september between 8am and 10am and 3pm and 5pm. once aboard they will travel from issy-les-moulineaux to bercy, catching sight of the eiffel tower and notre dame along the way.


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