the system secures your bike by transforming its saddle into a lock
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the patent protected product, ‘seatylock‘ transforms its saddle into a solid one meter lock and is fully compatible with any bicycle. this improves the rider’s convenience as no longer do they need to carry a lock or worry about theft. it has been manufactured from top quality materials such as hardened steel links and covered in a plastic coating in order to protect the bicycle frame from thieves and rust. the device is an integral part of your two-wheeler, so it will never be forgotten and works by fixing it to an immoveable object.


the product’s kickstarter campaign video
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benefiting convenience is how the saddle takes no more than 30 seconds to operate and has three fixing points that create a spring effect for maximum comfort in your preferred seat position. the adapter has been tested to work on 10,000 cycles and includes a safety mechanism that prevents accidental release whilst cycling. ‘seatylock’ is available as two different models; trekking and comfort, and is currently seeking funding through its kickstarter campaign.

equipped with a universal adapter that is compatible with any standard of bike




‘necessity is the mother of invention’ said ilan mor, co-founder ‘we believe that it will revolutionize the urban cycling experience. seatylock provides a necessary solution for a problem that affects bike commuters on a daily basis. it is an innovation born out of true necessity’



close-up view of the design technology functioning as a saddle


it takes 30 seconds to fix it to a secure object


the saddle then transforms into a lock that secures your bicycle




the products are available in a variety of colors




the simple, quick steps of how to use seatylock



the many different tests that very used to evaluate the device’s functionality