segway teams up with intel and xiaomi to develop advanced personal robot
all images courtesy of segway





the segway ‘advanced personal robot’ shown at CES 2016 is a mix of a rideable scooter and a fully adaptable robot. a partnership between segway, intel and xiaomi, the project is just getting started with a developer kit coming in 2016.


video courtesy of segway




so far, the robot is equipped with intel’s ‘realsense RGB-D’ camera which enables depth sensing that can also recognize objects and track them. it is continuously self-balancing, but additionally includes multiple motors to amplify flexibility and see the world in different angles. those same sensors enable simultaneous localization and mapping with the outside world. 

segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-02the robot is capable of recognizing individuals and follow 




once inside, wifi capabilities enable it to connect to a world of smart ‘internet of things’ devices that lets users easily control and monitor through the segway robot. the built-in microphone array lets users send voice commands to segway robot from anywhere in the room. the team engineers open sourced the software that runs using the intel ‘atom’ processor which allows developers create a greater variety of applications for future iterations.

segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-03the robot folds up to turn into a personal scooter segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-04built-in microphones actively listen to commandssegway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-05 segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-06the segway robot is proficient in carry objects while still balancing  segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-07engineers are currently opening the hardware and software for added functionality 

segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-08the patented segway self-balancing motors inside the wheels segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-09 segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-10 segway-advanced-personal-robot-CES-2016-designboom-11