‘E17 compact LED lamp’ and ‘E26 globe LED lamps’

japanese company sharp corporation has announced the release of two new LED lamps. this includes the E17 compact LED lamp and the E26 globe LED lamps. the E17-base compact model uses sharp’s proprietary LED devices and are based on high-density surface mounting technology. this helps it achieve a compact size while retaining a brightness nearly equivalent to sharp’s existing E26-base LED lamp. at the same time, the globe models feature an even surface illumination. the inside of the glass globe has a diffusion coating applied to it which prevents uneven color and variation in light intensity.

sharp: LED lamps‘E17 compact LED lamp’

both models are based on sharp’s proprietary zenigata LED module that allows for high luminous efficiency in a compact package. the small size means that the new releases can be used in even smaller lighting fixtures such as downlights. sharp: LED lamps ‘E26 globe LED lamps’

these new models consume only 4.5 watts, enabling them to be used for approximately 10 hours for the cost of one yen. they can also last for more than 6 years, even if used for 10 hours a day.