limited edition shelby 50th anniversary cobra 427 sportscar
images courtesy of shelby american inc.




the limited edition shelby ’50th anniversary cobra 427′ celebrates the half century since the original block daytona coupé which went on to win the world manufacturer’s championship, was released in 1965. only 50 of the special models will be produced and will all bare a symbolic gold badge that states which one of the line it is, i.e. one of 50.

the aluminum model has a hand polished finish




the sportscar will be offered with a hand formed aluminum or laid fiberglass body that will either be polished for the metal version, or painted in guardsman blue with wimbledon white stripes. the interior is cladded in the company’s renown vinyl and will also feature custom black carpeting and leather seats. with each one designated a serial number from CSX4550-4599, customers can purchase the rare cars from january 13th 2015.

wimbledon white stripes are available for the metal model


the gold anniversary badge marks which model the car is from the production line


the interior boasts custom black carpets and leather seats