shiftwear envisions customizable app-controlled e-paper display on sneakers
all images courtesy of shiftwear





with exclusivity a priority in the sneaker industry, a company called shiftwear wants to launch a shoe completely customizable straight from a smartphone. the lineup of sneakers will be available in three styles – high, medium and low tops. the designated app connects wirelessly to show off high-quality static images as well as animations right on the display area. the moving images do require more energy and that’s why the company is also introducing ‘walk-n-charge’ technology which keeps the shoes powered with every step. 


shiftwear presentation film
video courtesy of shiftwear




lasting up to 30 days on one battery, the always-on color enabled e-paper flexible display wraps around the sneaker for full 360-degree visibility. it’s also built for all types of weather –  made with waterproof materials with soles coated in a durable kevlar fiber. the company is looked for research and manufacturing funds on their indiegogo page. 

shiftwear-customizable-e-ink-sneakers-designboom-02 a brick wall animation 

shiftwear-customizable-e-ink-sneakers-designboom-03 the app offers a market filled with pre-designed layoutsshiftwear-customizable-e-ink-sneakers-designboom-04the shoes can also display static designs shiftwear-customizable-e-ink-sneakers-designboom-05the shoe without any designs