multifuntional ‘shoka bell’ features eight sounds, controlled by an intuitive joystick, for every bike ride. honk for a car, a polite ding for pedestrians, or even record your own message — there is automatic volume control technology  to adjust the ringtone volume to the surrounding noise so it can always be heard. through the app custom ringtones can be created and even more sounds are available to download for free.


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every time the bell is rung, it’s shared with the ‘shoka community’ and collectively users can warn other cyclists of dangerous junctions and difficult routes. ‘shoka bell’ will send alerts alert when approaching problem areas with a visible series of 72 LED lights on the top of the device. it always chooses the safest route, by simply entering the destination in the companion app it can guide users turn by turn with clear arrow signals.

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bike security is also paramount if you’re a cyclist. the bell will remotely alert riders if their precious bike is moved. the clamp that is permanently attached to the bars acts as a motion sensor, if any movement is felt the ‘shoka bell’ will ring and light up to send alerts wirelessly up to 250m away. the company are currently crowdfunding on kickstarter which can be viewed here.

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