shooting thoughts projects interactive laser star constellations
images courtesy of filipe vilas-boas




filipe vilas-boas has created an interactive projection called ‘shooting thoughts’ which enables people to generate star constellations by sending thoughts through their mobile device. these ideas connect to lasers and become shooting stars that follow any possible path that paris’ saint-eustache church’s architecture allows. the project was co-commissioned by art, culture et foi and nuit blanche paris.





the pillars are the launch-pads that send the stars past arches and vaults to their destinations on the ceilings. each one reaches its on place, at its own speed and with an individual trajectory. ‘shooting thoughts’ means each person who engages with the lasers, can send their own star and be part of the display.


shooting thoughts
video courtesy of plip


thought stars interact with the architecture in an individual way


the lasers launch the ‘shooting thoughts’ from pillars




people can send their thoughts as shooting stars