shottracker wearable technology and app monitors basketball statistics
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the ‘shottracker‘ is a wearable device that automatically monitors and displays basketball statistics for shot attempts, makes and misses, on a smartphone app. as the solution to ‘you can’t improve what you don’t measure’, the product is made of three components: a wrist and net sensor, and the application, to collaboratively show the athlete what needs to be bettered.


every shot counts with the tracker
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the ‘shottracker’ works when the water-resistant and lightweight wrist sensor is slid into the band or sleeve, in order to send a signal what an attempt is made. the weather-proof net detector that is easily attachable and designed to withstand impact, informs the mobile if the ball was successful or not. thanks to the patent pending algorithms, the smartphone can analyze skills and show to the user which need to be improved.

shottracker wearable technology and app monitors basketball statistics
the net sensor has a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that has a life of three months


on the left is the smartphone app that collects the statistics, whilst on the right is the small, lightweight wrist sensor