shutter sound symphony created with $30,000 in nikon DSLRs by benjamin von wong + andrew kesler



while taking a tour of nikon professional services center in mississauga, canada, photographer benjamin von wong had the idea of composing a symphony exclusively using shutter sounds from 30 different nikon DSLR cameras. by experimenting with the custom ‘CL-continuous low’ settings, wong and composer andrew kesler set the series of cameras to 1, 2 and 3 FPS, for staggered shutter releases. utilizing the various functions such as command dials, and beeps from buttons, a 33 second sound clip was created from about $30,000 worth of equipment. below, you can find videos of the final symphony being composed and a behind the scenes look into the process.



nikon symphony
video courtesy TheVonWong



behind the scenes
video courtesy TheVonWong



stream the ‘nikon symphony’
mp3 courtesy andrew kelsler



project information:


produced by: von wong in collaboration with nikon professional services
composer: andrew kesler
assistants : phil do, jen brook, duy nguyen
video operator: joel kesler
focus pull: neil austen
tripod pusher: elvis do
bts video: elvis do & fly home freedom
studio: suzy johnston + associates
cameras: nikon professional services