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siemens + avicar unveil remote-controlled gen0 sports car with no doors, windows or seats

Remote-controlled ‘gen0’ sports car concept


The time has come for toy car fans who have been dreaming of driving a real-life sports car on a race track using a remote control. Siemens Advanta, the digital transformation advisory and professional services organization of Siemens, and Avicar are collaborating to make their electric sports car concept Gen0 happen, the first zero-seat vehicle that can be driven from miles away – over 4,000 miles as Avicar predicts – through remote control.


The design team aims to give the electric sports car a performance-driven engine that can ensure it reaches a top speed of more than 100mph. The doorless, windowless, and seatless car design is operating on remote reality, a technology that the design team believes veers from virtual or augmented reality


The driver wears a headset where they receive real-time feeds from livestream cameras inside the electric sports car concept, transmitted via high-speed Wi-Fi, 5G, or satellite. The setting lets the driver control Gen0 in real-time as if they were playing a race-car video game. The microsecond real-time reactivity and tactile response mean that the driver can stay at home as they drive the car on the racetrack, even if the location is miles away.

avicar siemens electric sports car concept gen0
images courtes of Avicar



Dedicated car key for the driver


The electric sports car concept Gen0 from Avicar and Siemens offers exclusivity for its drivers. The design team eyes to create a dedicated car key named Angel Key for Gen0 so that only the owner can access the sports car wherever they are. The Angel Key allows the driver to turn on the vehicle, access its features, and sync in real time with the sports car.


Gen0 needs no batteries as it can be charged through electric outlets. Hand-tracking controls are also synchronized with the physical vehicle for immediate response time, and built-in 360° cameras provide live video feed to the VR the headset of the driver even if they are far from the physical car.

avicar siemens electric sports car concept gen0
the electric sports car is driven by remote reality



siemens and avicar plan production


Avicar stands by its statement on the sports car concept of Gen0: ‘It feels real because it is real.’ Along with Siemens, Avicar is collaborating with developers, race car drivers, car designers, and ex-NASA engineers to devise Gen0’s technology by using Siemens’ digital twin technology.


They plan to build simulations that give engineers insight into the vehicle’s design and performance for physical races. ‘As Wi-Fi, 5G, and satellite speeds have increased dramatically, Remote Reality opens the door to a new world of immersive experiences,’ says the Avicar team who adds that for its first batch, only 11 Gen0 cars will be produced.


Rani Shea, the Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Advanta North America, hints at the potential manufacturing of the future-forward car. ‘Through the industry’s most comprehensive digital twin technology, Siemens will enable Avicar to accelerate how these vehicles move from concept to production-ready race cars – opening up vast opportunities for innovation in design and manufacturing,’ says Shea.

avicar siemens electric sports car concept gen0
the car concept is doorless, seatless, and windowless

avicar siemens electric sports car concept gen0
Gen0 is said to reach a top speed of over 100mph

avicar siemens electric sports car concept gen0
livefeed from the car is transmitted via wi-fi, 5G, or satellite


Gen0 electric sports car concept by Siemens and Avicar

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