straight from the track to the road, sin automotive sets R1 RS into production
all images courtesy of sin automotive






british boutique car shop sin automotive announced this month they will be putting the ‘R1 RS’ into full production. based on their popular track racer ‘R1’, the production car will be street legal, and houses a chevrolet V8 engine, the same found in the american corvette. slightly heavier then is racing cousin, the car will be able to go from zero to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. the body is made of interior and exterior carbon composite parts. the ‘R1 RS’ features all the standard features of any road car with electronically powered windows and door mirrors, air conditioning and fully adjustable push rode suspension. the car will also have a new central console that embraces custom made buttons that integrate with an iPad or android tablets, recaro sport seats, air control rear wing and new exhaust system. the sin ‘R1 RS’ will be displayed at the IAA frankfurt fair in september 2015. 

the car has LED front headlights


video courtesy of sin automotive


an all carbon interior with leather accents


the original concept being tested on the track


based on their ‘R1 GT’ track car 


the car is street legal and features ABS braking and traction control


large back spoiler fully adjusts to accommodate greater downforces