the innovative design team at shenzhen letengxuan technology introduces its contemporary and electric interpretation of the unicycle. the single-wheeled motorcycle balances on its own atop a single, 7.5 inch-thick tire, and offers its rider a stance more akin to a cafe racer than a unicycle. while the compact street vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour with a range of up to 60 miles, the electric unicycle stands comparable to the typical electric scooter which have become commonplace among most cities.

electric unicycle
images courtesy of shenzhen letengxuan technology



shenzhen letengxuan technology realizes its single-wheeled motorcycle, or electric unicycle, as a compact and accessible street vehicle. with most of the elements of a typical electric motorcycle, the unicycle appears at first uncanny, almost suggesting a typical dirt bike at first glance — especially when viewed from the front and rear. with a weight of 88 pounds, the tiny bike outweighs the typical electric scooter which weigh in at nearly 30 pounds on average — although a far cry from the weight of a full-sized electric motorcycle which might reach a weight of around 300 pounds. the smartly designed electric unicycle is available for purchase starting at $2,250 USD.



electric unicycle electric unicycle electric unicycle



project info:


company: shenzhen letengxuan technology

dimensions: 38 inches H, 32 inches L, 15 inches W

wheel diameter: 22 inches

tire width: 7.5 inches

pedal height: 9 inches

weight: 88 pounds

mileage: 30~60 miles (depending on battery capacity)

max climb: 20 degrees

max loading: 220 pounds

motor power: 2000w

battery capacity: 680wh/1020wh/1360wh

max speed: 30 mph

charging time: 3-12 hours