‘omniscient siri’ iPhone case by saga design

shapeways online DIY 3D-printing company recently held a competition that asked users to design a physical representation of siri, the iPhone voice-activated personal assistant, using any combination of sketches, renders, video, or models. the winning design in the 3D category is called ‘omniscient siri’, developed by saga design digital product design firm.

stretching over and occluding the iPhone screen, the cover ‘forces the user to interact with siri’ instead of using touch control, although it keeps all volume, power, and other side buttons and ports of the device accessible. measuring 4.6-inches (11.6-centimeters) high, the case can be ordered via shapeways here for 90 USD.

siri 3D iPhone cover brings her to life profile view

siri 3D iPhone cover brings her to life front view with device on; the cutaways prevent obstruction of sound and light

siri 3D iPhone cover brings her to life left: sample metallic finish; right: 3/4 back view render

via huffingtonpost