the skully AR-1 is a safety-focused motorcycle helmet with rear camera
the skully AR-1 is a safety-focused motorcycle helmet with rear camera
aug 12, 2014

the skully AR-1 is a safety-focused motorcycle helmet with rear camera

augmented reality motorcycle helmet by skully is set to become the world’s smartest.
images courtesy of skully systems




with an augmented reality heads-up display, skully systems AR-1 bikers helmet is ready to be launched as the world’s smartest. the screen eliminates blind spots and distractions by keeping the driver’s focus on the road ahead, whilst projecting ultra wide angle rear view camera images. the transparent frame shows critical information in the line of sight in order to give the user full situational awareness.

the AR-1 is lightweight and aerodynamic




with the installation of a high-speed microprocessor, GPS navigation is integrated on screen with the rear camera view to give timely information even in low-reception areas. this means motorcyclists are not distracted from the road whilst looking out for road signs. the helmet is also bluetooth connected, enabling hands-free calling and music streaming to the driver.

side view of the smart helmet being worn




the AR-1 is certified by the DOT (department of transport) and the EVE (economic community of europe), and features a fog, scratch and glare resistant visor. the lightweight and aerodynamic shell also supports a 3d laser cut foam interior in order to provide a perfect fit. as well, the skully is made more comfortable as perspiration is reduced by 70% thanks to using an outlast(r) lining.



demonstration of how the skully AR-1 helmet functions.
video courtesy of skully systems




the skully AR-1 is available for pre-order now and will be shipped in may 2015.

the head-up display shows the rear view, thanks to an ultra wide angle camera


GPS navigation is also projected to focus the driver on the road ahead


bluetooth connection allows hands-free calls


streaming music is also available via bluetooth


a technical specification of the AR-1 helmet





  • Rearview mirror thing is very cool and usefull. GPS screen also accepted, as it´s usefull. All the toher things (phone screen, radio/music player screen, etc) not so much, asthey distract you from the road, especially on a motorcycle where you have to be careful and with the eyes on the road.

  • Skully Helmet

    May Ikeda
  • Forgot to suggest. What you should add as a feature, is taking snapshots, or videos from the cam. Especially good for capturing license plates, and evidence of people tailgating you, cutting you off, or just plain ol driving dangerously. That would be a selling point for me. Not the calls, gps, or streaming music.

  • A good idea, with good intentions. But I see this as more of a distraction. Especially for noob riders. It’s fact that technology makes people lazier and lazier. The mentality of many people today (just think of mobiles), is to let technology do most of the work for them. Seeing calls, texts, and streaming music IS and WILL BE a distraction. Guaranteed. People can get away often with this…in a car. But on a bike, this is something NO rider should ever put themselves in.

    How accurate is judging distance and speed with the camera? Other than the extras, the main purpose of this helmet cam, can, and has always been done manually for decades. Checking your mirrors constantly, and looking over your shoulder.

    It’s a good idea. But unfortunately, this technology doesn’t distinguish good riders, for bad ones. It’s a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used properly, or ignorantly. Depending on who wears it.


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