travel with ease using foldable sliders scooter + bike
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the ‘sliders‘ foldable bike blends the concepts of a kick scooter and a bicycle to create a ride uniquely suited to the fast-slow urban environment. the design starts with a distinctive frame layout that accommodates both dress and skirts. for convenience, it can be smoothly mounted and dismounted, kicked or pedaled. when finished riding, the ‘slider’ can be quickly folded up for easy transport or tucked away for storage.  

sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-02the frame features a foot step




the bike also includes built in front and back LED lights, hand crafted leather seat cushion with matching saddle bag as well as a chain cover. the project has gone through four years of development with hundreds of drawing modifications. the team partnered with taiwanese craftsman in order to find the most suitable materials to complete a high quality bike. the final design by paul hao ting hsu won the 2013 A’ design competition. the ‘slider’ folding scooter bike is looking for funding on kickstarter with scheduled deliveries arriving march 2016. 

sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-03with two latches the bike folds quickly 


kickstarter campaign video
video courtesy of slider


sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-04once folded the lightweight frame can be carried around


sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-05the ‘sliders’ come in two colors, white and black



sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-07detailed layout of all the parts


sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-08handlebars include leather finish 


sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-09the folding mechanism uses a two latch system 


sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-10shifter is encompassed inside the rear hub


sliders-folding-scooter-bike-designboom-11comes with a leather seat