self-learning aivvy Q headphones personalizes music channels for user
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providing a new music listening experience that is instant, responsive and simple, the aivvy ‘Q’ headphones learn the wearer’s genre preferences through actions, locations and timings. this customization enables the all-in-one device to play the songs that are perfect for the listener, at every moment. with a ‘galaxy’ of multiple channels and 32GB of internal storage, the smart headset soon becomes a ‘personal DJ’ as it will start playing the perfect tune as soon as they are put on. oppositely, as soon as they are taken off, the music automatically pauses.


a galaxy of music in a pair of smart headphones
video courtesy of aivvy inc




using a combination of leather, aluminum, fabric and plastic, the 255g weighing aivvy ‘Q’ is constructed for comfort, sound quality and ease of use. as well as the cordless design, they feature dual-mode adaptive noise cancellation and a built-in lithium-ion battery that offers 40 hours of continuous playback, from a single charge. colored in black, brown or white, the leather ages beautifully to express the user’s personality, just like how the music does. with an accompanying mobile app, more information about the aivvy ‘Q’ headphones can be found on their live kickstarter funding campaign.

it takes three hours of charging to go from an empty to full battery


the white version of the self-learning headphones


swiping actions control the music preferences


front view