smart connected COBI bicycle system enhances rider’s experience
images courtesy of COBI




the smart connected ‘COBI‘ bicycle system enhances rider’s experience by making every journey more rewarding and fun. the device starts with an interchangeable 200g mount case colored in black or silver, that holds the user’s smartphone on the handlebars. the attached mobile contains the ‘COBI’ software to add over 100 advanced technology features, that joins the cyclist to the world by enabling them to call friends, listen to music and check weather forecast. other combined apps allow them to track fitness data such as heart-rate, cadence and calories, and observe real-time information like speed, time, distance and climb rate. another helpful addition is the modern navigation system that signals turn-by-turn directions, voice-overs, 2D & 3D views, bike lanes, popular routes and a buddy radar, which all aid the rider to travel easily between their destinations.


the company’s kickstarter demonstration clip
video courtesy of COBI




developed in partnership with SDK, the ‘COBI’ bicycle system’s app has a predicative interface that shows what is most relevant to each situation and is designed in a modular method, meaning extensions and upgrades provide a long lifetime of use. powered by three supply options; e-bike energy, battery pack or dynamo charging, the device features ‘COBIHub’ security attached to scare away thieves with its motion-sensitive lights and sound alarms. not only offering this, the bicycle system improves safety by making the rider more visible with an auto brake light to signal sharp deceleration, and direction indicators.


working product attached to a regular bicycle
video courtesy of e-mountainbike magazine


the smart technology is seeking funding via its kickstarter campaign in order to bring their prototype to reality.