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the fitbit for your face: level's activity-tracking smart glasses

if you’re a fitbit fan with underperforming eyes you’ll love this. after a year of beta testing, eye insurance company VSP are bringing their smart glasses to market.


the fitbit for your face: level's activity-tracking smart glasses
images courtesy of VSP/level technology



dubbed level, VSP‘s smart glasses contain a magnetometer, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. compactly located inside the left temple, these technological features track your steps, calories burned, distance travelled and activity time. these measures are all monitored via a companion app which can be linked up to your frames via bluetooth. battery life reaches around five days in between charges with a magnetic port concealed inside the left hinge.


users can also connect with friends via the app, encouraging some healthy competition in similar fitbit fashion. there’s also a charitable component, which syncs up with VSP’s eyes of hope initiative where a point system awards those who achieve their daily step goals. once you reach 50 points, VSP will give away a comprehensive eye exam and eyewear to someone in need. 


the fitbit for your face: level's activity-tracking smart glasses




originally called project genesis, level is a product of VSP’s think tank innovation lab ‘the shop’. the theory behind the glasses was to try and resolve the tendency of fitbit wearers to forget to wear their device, or fall out of love with its style, offering the tech inside something people have to wear.


the launch comes at a popular time for smart glasses. last month intel unveiled its vaunt frames which use a retinal projection to put a display in your eyeball. the glasses use laser technology and a holographic reflector to project information directly onto the retina.



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