smart and JBL create a tiny concert hall on wheels
all images courtesy of smart




the smart ‘fortwo’ city coupe – dubbed the ‘forgigs’ –  gets equipped with the most advanced audio components JBL has to offer, to serve as a mobile amplifier for live concerts. a total of five amplifiers provide sound pressure of up to 150 dB. five amps have been seamlessly integrated in the interior of the ‘fortwo’ coupe: three JBL ‘GTO 804 EZ’ amps that serve the two tweeters and two mid-range speakers; and, two JBL ‘GTO 751 EZ’ amps that power two 30 cm subwoofers that are in the luggage compartment. together with 100 meters of cable, they drive a total of four JBL ‘GTO 609 C’ loudspeaker sets that are surrounded by 10 square meters of ‘alubutyl’ insulating material in the passenger cell and door panels. the ventilation openings in the dashboard provided a visual template for integrating the loudspeakers. the high end sound system in the fortwo ends up producing a total maximum output of 5720 watts.

the project began as a standard smart fortwo



the music signals are provided by a digital signal processor from the italian sound specialist mosconi. the processor can output via eight channels, and with bluetooth streaming it can also process uncompressed formats such as ‘wave or ‘flac’  as well as, lossless or mp3 files. the signals are transferred from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones by an advanced audio distribution profile. the smart ‘forgigs’ is a one-off and is not available for sale, but will accompany street musicians on a 2015 european summer tour.smartcar-jbl-designboom-03
the tailgate includes a pair of mid range speakers


the JBL sound system incorporates a six-channel 240 watt amplifier and an eight-channel 320 watt amplifier


the smart ‘forgigs’ includes a digital signal processor from sound specialists mosconi