smart magazine: following the october revealing of the smart electric drive models at the mondial de l’automobile 2016 in paris, smart magazine has created an immersive and interactive storytelling feature about tomorrow’s sustainable city. as the publication’s first comprehensive multimedia piece, the project aims to highlight how this urban environment of the future is actually tangible and accessible today. to do this, the engaging program encourages users to cruise through a future metropolis in one of the new, fully electric smart fortwo electric drive cars.

the smart fortwo, fortwo cabrio and forfour are offered in electric drive
image © smart magazine (and also the main image)



in a sustainable city, which is dedicated to being environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent, users can explore a dense interactive map. as part of this, there are 19 ground-breaking urban projects and visions, showcasing sustainable use of resources, architecture that accentuates natural elements, innovative concepts for working and living, and even local farming initiatives that rekindle a community spirit that is normally only associated in small, tight-knit villages.

in the interactive map, users can cruise through the sustainable city of the future on these electric cars
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the uniquely illustrated and engaging animated map is enhanced with an insightful collection of films, featuring several international experts in the field of urban living. included in this professional and practiced group is futurologist anthony townsend, italian architect stefano boeri, and david sim of gehl architects. the smart magazine article, which can be read here, features these interesting interviews where they examine the potential of technology in our future cities.

the ‘bosco verticale‘ by stefano boeri greens milan’s skyline
image © paolo rosselli



smart magazine is the international online brand publication of smart, who are most renowned for their small, dynamic and efficient city cars. following the publication’s aim for solutions for today’s urban challenges, the web-based platform highlights people, products and ideas that improve the well-being in cities. their focus on space, architecture, design, culture, technology, mobility and urban planning leads to fascinating exchanges of topics. in the latest feature, tomorrow’s sustainable city, users can explore a future metropolis on their interactive website.

matias perez’s seasteading design
image © the seasteanding institute / matias perez


image © the seasteanding institute / matias perez


portrait of futurologist anthony townsend
image © anthony townsend


portrait of david sim, partner and creative director of gehl architects
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