pilot testing has begun in china for a ‘smart cart’ shopping cart program by SK telecom





SK telecom has just begun pilot testing of a ‘smart cart’ program in china’s shanghai lotus supermarket with a shopping cart service that integrates with smartphones to provide store and product information tailored to user’s needs.


users first download the company’s ‘smart cart’ application to their smartphones, from which they can search for product information, discounts, and store coupons, or create a shopping list. when at the supermarket, the user’s phone is synched to a tablet PC installed on the shopping cart. indoor positioning technology determines a user’s location to within a single meter, permitting the broadcasting of discounts or information specific to this part of the store, and all the screens are networked via wi-fi, enabling real-time updates to be posted to all carts. upon checkout, the tablet screen shows the list of purchased items, as well as membership points and any available coupons.

smart-shopping-cart-designboom-02 shopping carts are installed with a tablet PC, tracked by positioning technology and which syncs with users’ smartphones to provide relevant realtime information




SK telecom elaborates: ‘[we] expect that ‘smart cart’ will become a more personalized smart shopping service when combined with customer information– like shopping history and usage pattern– managed by existing retailers. customers will shop conveniently through product recommendations based on analysis of user’s shopping history and location information; manufacturers will be able to carry out targeted marketing for customers located in the store; and retailers will secure a new marketing channel that enables integrated and seamless communication with customers.‘


additional pilot testing is planned for korean stores in the second half of 2011.

smart shopping cart by SK telecom ‘smart cart’ in use