driving on the moon, brought down to earth


the SMART tire company announces plans to bring NASA technology back down to earth. the team introduces its revolutionary ‘shape memory alloy radial technology’ (SMART) to create a space-age tire which aims to transform the performance of vehicles on and off road, widening the scope of mobility going forward. the super-elastic tires were originally developed by NASA and have now been commercialized for use on earth by the startup.


the tires are airless, durable, and will never go flat. made from a special advanced material, nitinol+ (nickel titanium), a ‘shape memory alloy’ that’s elastic like rubber, yet strong like titanium.

SMART tire NASAimage courtesy of the SMART tire company



less material, less waste


while the SMART tires are ‘flat-free,’ the NASA technology offers one more game-changing benefit — the tires produce drastically less waste. the environmental impact of tires is a problem. 20-30% of all ocean plastic comes from tire runoff alone. the team at SMART tire company addresses the issue with a radical solution.


while the NASA-developed tire technology still uses rubber, it uses much less, and wastes much less. the tires require no structural support, so the rubber element is focused almost entirely on the tread. further, the tires contain no air pressure –this mean that unlike conventional tires, SMART tires do not lose pressure and fuel efficiency with every mile. the innovation might transform the industry — 70% of current tire business is replacements. with punctures and tears a much less serious problems, the tires are less likely to be discarded.

SMART tire company startup reinvents the wheel using space-age NASA technologyimage courtesy of akron beacon journal



first applications for launch


SMART tire company’s upcoming METL bike tire uses the same ‘shape memory alloy radial technology’ material that will be deployed on NASA’s fetch rover in 2026. through an innovative property called ‘superelasticity,’ the tires can rearrange their molecular structure in response to strain and have 100% instant recovery. co-founder and CEO earl cole comments that the METL bike tires are scheduled for launch in 2022, and are designed and manufactured at the company’s new STC innovation center in akron, ohio.

SMART tire company startup reinvents the wheel using space-age NASA technology
image courtesy of the SMART tire company