‘smile cup’ by nikita mokhirev

‘smile cup’ by nikita mokhirev from estonia is one of the seven entries that received the ‘judge’s special award’ among over 3000 participants from our recent designboom competition ‘a life with future computing‘, organized in collaboration with FUJITSU and DA – design association japan.

designer’s own words: this cup can be used by anyone at anytime. people spend hours talking with friends over a cup of tea, watching television while enjoying their favorite drink, going to cafes and restaurants, pubs and eateries to drink for social gatherings etc. this cup adds something extra to these kinds of activities. ‘smile cup’ contains a small interactive device that receives and sends instant messages, displays the time, works as a control, alarm clock or just a game centre. it communicates with others not just with words, but with images. ‘smile cup’ has screens on both sides that show an identical picture. by select the ‘face’ using the touch sensor located on the handle, a person that is next to you will see your emotion. the cup can be customized through any wireless device to match your lifestyle. personalize your picture, change controls, add something new… while watching TV, chose a ‘mood’ holding your cup and it will send it to your PC and later to a TV broadcaster letting them know your opinion on a particular show. you can add drink names to the cups, inform a customer of their bill and also know when a patron wants more beverages. the cup can also be used as an advertising screen.

'smile cup' by nikita mokhirev   FUJITSU judge's special award a touch sensor on the cup’s handle allows you to indicate your mood to those around you

'smile cup' by nikita mokhirev   FUJITSU judge's special award the cup’s technological elements

'smile cup' by nikita mokhirev   FUJITSU judge's special award social situations in which to use the ‘smile cup’

'smile cup' by nikita mokhirev   FUJITSU judge's special award various functions

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