‘snackbot’, december 2008



‘snackbot’ is a robot currently being developed by carnegie mellon university professors sara kiesler and jodi forlizzi along with paul rybski. the trio received funding in may last year to develop a social, snack – selling robot to travel the university halls. snackbot is intended to bridge the gap between social robots that interact with people in a natural way but often are immobile and autonomous mobile robots that can move around but generally are not social. a prototype was released in july 2008 and a fully operational model is expected in mid january. here are some images of the snackbot’s progress.



'snackbot' by carnegie mellon university housing ready to be assembled

'snackbot' by carnegie mellon university ‘snackbot’ prototype, july 2008



more: http://www.hizook.com http://news.cs.cmu.edu