snarkitecture grades aircraft in color for netjets for art basel miami beach
all images courtesy of netjets





netjets unveiled an installation with snarkitecture at miami international airport to celebrate the start of art basel miami beach. the new york design studio utilized a netjets’ ‘signature series global 5000’ aircraft which blurs the lines between art, architecture and transportation. snarkitecture decided to reimagine the exterior the aircraft using the familiar concept of an ombre sky, the occurrence seen when flying at dawn or dusk when the horizon appears to be graded in color, finely shifting from light to dark as the sun rises or sets. the resulting artwork took specialists over eight days to complete. 


‘art basel in miami beach is an annual highlight for our owners, both in the US and across the globe, many of whom are avid art collectors and enthusiasts,’ explains executive vice president of sales and marketing at netjets, pat gallagher. ‘netjets has supported art basel in miami beach since the show’s inception back in 2002 and our long-running involvement is testament to the show’s continued position as the world’s foremost platform for contemporary art. this year we wanted to take our involvement with art basel one step further and through our collaboration with snarkitecture, netjets continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative and exceptional experiences for our customers.’

netjets-snarkitecture-art-basel-in-miami-beach-2015-designboom-02snarkitecture covers a netjet aircraft bombardier ‘signature series global 5000’




the ‘signature series global 5000’ is a cabin aircraft which can accommodate up to thirteen passengers. netjets has worked closely with aircraft manufacturer bombardier to completely customize the inter of the aircraft. the interior includes custom seating, in-flight entertainment and even a nespresso machine on board. through netjets customers can fly over 5000 airports across the globe with as little as four hours’ warning.


‘we were especially interested in exploring the phenomenon of an ombre sky—that moment at dawn or dusk, when the sky creates a perfect gradient transition from light to dark,’ describes alex mustonen and daniel arsham of snarkitecture. ‘the effect is especially remarkable when viewed from the window of an airplane and it intimately connects the experience of flying with the surrounding infinite expanse of sky. we wanted to translate this phenomenon onto the exterior of the plane to create a memorable and unexpected moment for art basel week.’

netjets-snarkitecture-art-basel-in-miami-beach-2015-designboom-03 the paint job reflects a look of an ombre skynetjets-snarkitecture-art-basel-in-miami-beach-2015-designboom-04 the wing tip finished in white